The Experience of Learning a New Language

The experience of learning a new language: Learn Arabic Series

A child learns to speak a new language over a period of time. It takes years for a child to learn to read and write. A child practices and improves the speaking capability through continuous practice. He/She commits errors when he/she starts to speak and slowly improves. The child learns a lot of what we need to know as a grown-up person while learning a new language. It learns to right manners and etiquettes needed to live a happy life and keep everyone happy. It learns that to err is fine, but to correct the mistakes is the best way forward. Language learning builds up many life skills alongside the language capabilities.

Learning a new Language

1. Patience and Perseverance

The best way to learn a new language is to work on it and gradually improve like a child. The language learning exercise teaches patience and perseverance. Learning a language is a tedious and time-consuming process, and at times you will feel that you have not made any progress at all, but the progress you make is like that of a child. It might not feel like much, but the gradual learning builds up your vocabulary and speaking skills. The time spent learning, revising and practicing needs a lot of perseverance and helps you become a much more patient person. Patience is one of the most important virtue that should be mastered in order to become successful. Learning a new language can build that patience

2. Lifelong learning becomes a habit

The pace of modern day life has made us forget that learning is a slow process and everything needs a lot of time and effort. Learning a language reminds us that the learning experience is time-consuming and needs continuous efforts. You need to learn at every step of your life to master anything, and learning a language makes you improve your learning style.

3. Learning Arabic widens your vision and understanding

Language in itself contains many cultural notions that are incomprehensible to the local people. Arabic is very different to English in many respects, and that helps us understand the difference diversity in the world. It opens our mind and helps us think about the world in a very different way. Arabic is different in many respects: it is written from right to left, has a very different grammatical structure. Unlike English which has singular and plural nouns, Arabic has another word for double alongside the singular and plural. Language takes you where you had never been, and sometimes it tells you of things you never could even dream of!

4. Following a schedule

This is true for most of our learning, but you need to have a fixed schedule to learn. If you don’t follow a schedule, the learning will become much harder. Most people start learning through an online tutorial, but don’t follow a strict schedule. As a result, the students start losing their interest and much of the time and effort goes down the drain. The best option to learn is to learn at specific time period at fixed intervals and having a teacher to monitor your progress can enhance your learning experience many folds.

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