Learning Arabic is now easy

Why We learn Arabic?

    • We learn Arabic to understand the words of Allah (Quran) and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed ﷺ, and to understand what we say in the prayer. It doesn’t feel nice to hear what the imam recites in prayer without understanding it. How can we be humb? .Allah says in Surah Al-Mu’minûn:
  • قَدْ أَفْلَحَ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ {1} الَّذِينَ هُمْ فِي صَلَاتِهِمْ خَاشِعُونَ{1} سورة المؤمنون”آية1،2″
  • .. (Successful indeed are the believers,who are humble in their prayers).

How we will achieve humbleness in prayer if we do not understand what the imam is reading?

  • The language of the Prophet ﷺ and the Companions, with them, is the Arabic language
  • The scholars and the people of the hadith say that it is obligatory to learn it. Imam Al-Shafi’i says, “Every Muslim must learn from the tongue of the arabs what is best in the performance”
  • The language of the people of Heaven.

What are the obstacles you face in learning Arabic?

  1. Difficulty in learning Arabic because of focusing on Grammar.
  2. Narrow time, Work and life requirements.
  3. High cost of learning.
  4. Type selection for teachers and teacher for student(one to one No groups).

These are our solutions for better, faster, more enjoyable and cheaper learning:

Difficulty in learning Arabic because of focusing on Grammar.

We use the way in which you learned your native language a beautiful and enjoyable way that is not complicated, does not care about grammar, but is interested in speaking, listening, reading and writing, and step by step we study grammar but in an easy and enjoyable way.

Narrow time, Work and life requirements:

We know the narrow time you have and life requires visits, work and family, so we provide you your own tutor who will be available to you at the agreed and suitable time for you, anytime and anywhere.

High Cost:

Now if you want to travel to learn, you will need to pay for travel, accommodation and studies, and therefore you will leave your work and your family for a long period of time.

If you want to study in a university or a center in your country, It will be a high cost and you will not be able to learn the language as good as you will learn from a teacher whose native language is Arabic and certified from Arabic universities to teach Arabic as a second language to non-native speakers.

Now with us you can overcome this you can learn Arabic on skype with less price and with a teacher licensed and expert and can teach you at any time of the day and will be your own not a group of students, but you only. At the lowest cost.

Type selection for teachers and teacher for student

You can choose the gender of the teacher you want – Male or Female, who you will be comfortable with in learning and the lesson will be through the camera, there is no time for boring videos nor groups through which you can’t talk to the teacher. With us, you are not only with one teacher who is yours and can be changed anytime whenever you want. You can ask him via e-mail and he/she will reply. You can send your own videos for practice.

Why learning with us is different and better?

  1. It will be away from the boring videos. You will have a tutor with whom you can communicate. He/She will teach you well, holds a degree from the university in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers and has a great experience in teaching Arabic as a second language.
  2. There is an advantage in choosing lesson times according to your available time 24/7.
  3. There is a team of support helps you at any time only contact via email or phone or Skype and you will be answered quickly and with proposed solutions.
  4. We send you an evaluation sheet every month to evaluate the performance and send teacher’s advice for helping you to develop quickly.
  5. We will send you the materials you will need for the lesson for free.
  6. We will send you a certificate if you take a test and qualify it.

How the lesson goes?

  1. The teacher opens the camera to teach the student and the lesson is via the Video Call through Zoom or Skype.
  2. The teacher will determine the level through which you will begin to put you on the right way.
  3. Through zoom, it is best to have a screen share and you can record the lesson so you can review it anytime you want at work, in car etc.
  4. The teacher will explain the lesson simply to you by showing images and simplification and scheduling of vocabulary and explain how to form a sentence and practice on different situations and what you say as an Arab and also expressions used by Arabs in different situations.
  5. There will be exercises throughout the lesson and when the lesson ends, you will be fully skilled in everything.
  6. After the lesson, there will be homework according to your time to train and send these exercises to the teacher to correct them and guide you to become better.
  7. There will be “QUIZ” after each level to make sure the process is running correctly and send a monthly report to you to find out where you arrived and what you should do to be better and faster.
  8. With us you will find the language easy, enjoyable and not difficult at all.


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