Family and Friends Arabic vocabulary

Family Members and Friends: Arabic Vocabulary

Family Relations and ancestors are respected a lot in the Arab World. People remember their lineage for many generations. Middle names of Arabs are usually the name of the father preceded by a “bin” or “ibn” in case of a boy, and “bint” in case of a girl. Family and tribal ties also carry a huge significance in the Arab World. Arabic words can also mean many things, and there are many words that can have similar meaning. The basic  Arabic words for Family and Friends are common in most places. The most common word for family is عائلة (Aaelah). Aaelah is used for both the immediate and extended family. أسرة (Usrah) is also a very commonly used word and refers to the immediate family. The choice of word may vary from one region to another, but these two words are understood in most of the local dialects, and are often used interchangeably.

My Family


Family Friends Arabic Vocabulary

Arabic words are customised according to the tense and the point of view. So Aaelah is general word and the first person of the word is Aaelati (My Family). Similarly, Usrati means My Family and is derived from Usrah. In this lesson, we will look at the words and how it is said in first person.


Arabic Words for Family and Friends

Word Pronunciation First Person Pronunciation Translation
أب Ab أبي Abi Father
أم Um أمي Ummi Mother
ابن Ibn إبني Ibni Son
ابنة Ibnah بنتي Binti Daughter
أخ Akh أخي Akhi Brother
أخت Ukht أختي Ukhti Sister
جد Jad جدي Jaddi Grandfather
جدة Jaddah جدتي Jaddati Grandmother
عم Am عمي Ammi Paternal Uncle
عمة Ammah عمتي Ammati Paternal Aunt
خال Khaal خالي Khali Maternal Uncle
خالة Khaalah خالتي Khalati Maternal Aunt
إبن العم Ibnu Ala’m إبن عمي Ibn Ammi Male Paternal Cousin
بنت العم Bintu Ala’m بنت عمي Bint Ammi Female Paternal Cousin
إبن الخال Ibnu Al-Khaal إبن خالي Ibn Khali Male Paternal Cousin
بنت الخال Bintu Al-Khaal بنت خالي Bint Khali Female Paternal Cousin
إبن الأخ Ibnu AlAkh إبن أخي Ibn Akhi Nephew (Brother’s Son)
إبنة الأخ Ibnatu AlAkh إبنت أخي Ibnatu Akhi Niece (Brother’s Daughter)
إبن الأخت Ibnu AlUkht إبن أختي Ibnu Ukhti Nephew (Sister’s Son)
إبنة الأخت Ibnatu AlUkht إبنت أختي Ibnatu Ukhti Niece (Sister’s Daughter)
حفيد Ḥafeed حفيدي Hafeedi Grandson
حفيدة Ḥafeedah حفيدتي Hafeedati Granddaughter


Arabic Vocabulary

family friends arabic vocabulary: Arabic Words (Vocabulary) for Family and Friends

This above list includes most of the singular first person relationships that you will come across. The words are slightly modified to in order to make it plural, second person or third person. The current list is sufficient for a normal interaction and you might be able to understand the the plural one you get used to these words. Since Arabic words are formed through the root words and different meanings are derived using grammatical rules, it is difficult to list all the possible combinations.

In the next Blog, we will look at the basic grammatical structure of the Arabic language. You can build your vocabulary by reading our previous Blogs. We are currently offering free trial session with our esteemed teachers on Skype. You can register now to book an Arabic learning session!


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