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Arabic Courteous Phrases – Basics (Part 2)

Politeness and Courtesy are the traits that makes us human. It portrays us in a good light, and makes us likable. If you are learning the Arabic language, just visiting an Arab country, or just have an Arab friend or neighbor, you must familiarize yourself with these Common Arabic Courteous Phrases.

Common Arabic Courteous Phrases

Arabic Courteous Phrases

1. “Shukran” (شكراً – Thank You) – This is the most common way to appreciate anyone who has helped you out, or has done something nice.

2. “Shukran Jazeelan” (شكراً جزيلاً – Thanks a lot) is a more refined way of thanking anyone.

3. “Jazak Allah-u-Khairan” (جزاك الله خيراً – May Allah Reward You) is also a way of thanking someone, and the common response is “Wa Anta, Jazak Allah-u-Khairan” (وأنت، جزاك اللّه خيرًا – An You too, May Allah Reward You). This is also the Islamic way of thanking anyone, and contains prayers and is preferred by religious people.

4.”Min Fadlek” (من فضلك – Please) is one of the most courteous words, and can be used in many situations. Using Please with any sentence in any situation adds a sense of humbleness in whatever is said!

5. “Afwan” (عفواً – Excuse Me) is also one of the words that can be used in many situations.

6. “Asef” (آسف – Sorry) is one of the most handy words that everyone must remember. You might not realize it, but you are going to use it as often as you use the word in English!

7.” In sha Allah” (إن شاء الله – God willing) is a word that you will hear in abundance wherever you will go, not only the Arab countries, but also in most places in the Muslim world. It basically is used whenever you are planning to do something in the future. It can also be used when talking to someone in English.

Example: We will continue publishing these lessons, In sha Allah.

8. “Ma sha Allah” (ما شاء الله – Allah has willed it) The meaning of the word might not be clear for an English speaker from the translation, but such the translation business is. The word by word translation can hardly reflect the exact meaning of the word. Ma sha Allah is usually used to admire someone or praise something. You would hear the word a lot of time when people would appreciate something!
Example: Ma sha Allah, he explains very well.

9. “Mabrook” (مبروك – Congratulations) You can congratulate your Arab friend by saying Mabrook and it is the standard way of congratulating anyone. You can also say “Alf Mabrook” (ألف مبروك – A thousand thanks) to add a little more drama to the thanks. It always is a good idea to shuffle between the words every time you say it!

10. “Habibi” (حبيبي – Friend) When talking to someone you can use the word “Habibi” just the way you can use dude in English. Habibi can be used when talking to a friend or when you want to make the interaction informal.


Now that we know these Courteous Arabic Phrases, we will learn about the Arabic Phrases that will help you in most of the situations. You can also read the first part (Common Arabic Phrases) of the blog that will help you out with the greetings and introduction!

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